Sean's approach to strategy is grounded in empathy; in the belief that the needs of the consumer should come before those of the business. Using principles from design, and methodologies from brand planning, Sean surfaces insights that are informed by a deep understanding of the audience's unmet, often unstated desires. Connecting those insights to universal human truths, cultural trends, stakeholders with shared values, and a brand's higher purpose, all translates to deeper, more meaningful relationships with audiences.

The North Face: Move Mountains

For more than 50 years, The North Face has empowered people to push boundaries. But in the outdoor space the masculine association with hardcore, mostly white athletes summiting mountains in subarctic temperatures reinforces outdated norms. So we started with a simple theory for change: if people see more female explorers, there will be more female explorers. We created Move Mountains to change the face of exploration by celebrating the stories of powerful female role models fighting for social progress, from the top of the mountain to the streets, the trail, and to culture at large.

Sundance institute: sundance film festival 2019

Once a proofing ground for indie filmmaking, the Sundance Film Festival has become a mainstream institution for industry wheeling and dealing. For the 2019 festival branding we found inspiration in the brand’s punk roots and created a design language that reminds the world of its original mission to celebrate risk and independence. To challenge. Question. Break. Experiment. And risk Independence.


The NFL and Yahoo Sports are partners in a first-to-market app that brings fans live, local, and primetime games for free. No sign ups, no cable or satellite subscription, just free football. To introduce this moment as Yahoo Sports claims its title as a serious player in the sports media arena, we reimagined the NFL hype film for the mobile age. Collaborating with hip hop artist James “Taz” Conley and producer Riley “Goon” Taylor, better known as The Siege, we created a music video befitting of this new era in football viewership and new generation of fans.